Welcome to the Gaia Anderson Hotel, located in downtown Buenos Aires. We are a small 4-star hotel, but our staff delivers a 5-star experience.


Welcome to the Gaia Anderson HotelBetween the charming guest rooms, our friendly, helpful staff, and our location in downtown Buenos Aires, we know that no guest will leave our hotel without a smile upon his or her face. From a convenient location that puts you right in the action of beautiful Buenos Aires to a number of amenities that will make your stay more enjoyable, the Gaia Anderson Hotel offers a relaxing, luxurious experience to all guests.

We aim to please at all times, and as such, special requests are honored whenever possible. If you have any special requests, such as flowers or champagne waiting in your room for your arrival, we will be happy to make the arrangements.

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Our Services

The Gaia Anderson Hotel can accommodate many different occasions, making it a very versatile experience. Among others, you can book reservations with confidence if you are looking for a hotel that is perfect for:

  • Family Getaways
  • Honeymoons
  • Romantic Getaways
  • Discovering Buenos Aires/Argentina
  • Birthday Parties
  • Small, Intimate Weddings
  • Fine Dining

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Our Restaurant

Visit the famous Gaia Anderson hotelOur restaurant is run by famous Spanish chef Alfonso Gutierrez, who has worked at Michelin restaurants all over the world. Three years ago, he settled down in beautiful Buenos Aires with his family, and the rest of the culinary world’s loss became our gain. He’s been delighting our guests ever since.

Our famous restaurant offers a wide range of tantalizing experiences, but specializes in meats. Guests come from far and wide to the Gaia Anderson in order to revel in the enjoyment of steaks so tender that they can be cut with a spoon. Reservations are required to avoid possible disappointment. Contact us

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